Botanica Semati calls upon our plant relatives to help us walk in beauty on the planet. Meditation, intuitive wisdom, and traditional cultural practices guide our communion with plantitas to appreciate and comprehend their inherent healing power. Are your ready to regenerate and invigorate your body, mind, heart, and soul? Semati salves, tinctures, oils, and balms work in synergy with your body's natural defenses and creative impulse to restore health, vigor, and harmony.

The name Semati means "beauty" in the language spoken by my Raramuri ancestors, who lived in the Sierra Madre Occidental in northern Mexico. Semati is also the name given to my granddaughter, Ixchel Semati, to honor her birth journey as She Who Walks in Beauty. My granddaughter Ixchel Semati and her childhood bumps and bruises, coughs and sniffles inspired many of the remedies that I am now sharing with you and your family so that you too may walk in beauty upon our sacred earth.

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