Empowering people to cultivate a mindful relationship with their food by growing the fruits and vegetables they eat. We strive to make the invisible visible and co-create spaces that consciously connect you with the sacred web of life on earth to promote health, healing, and harmony.



We are an urban agriculture company that designs, builds and installs raised beds for people who want to grow their own food and herbs for culinary and medicinal use. We provide related products and services to support our finished project’s longevity and sustainability



We incorporate gorgeous foodscapes where people live, work, play, and learn. We believe everything is medicine and we are here to help you connect with the sacred and healing power of place in your home, school, park and work environment.



We design, install, and maintain organic edible gardens tailored to a wide range of site-use requirements. Whether you are integrating raised beds into an existing landscape design or starting with a blank slate to build a full-scale sustainable micro-farm, Sacred Earth Foodscape can jump-start and maintain your operation from seed to harvest.  We specialize in small- to mid-size organic foodscapes that transform a backyard, a sunny balcony, or a roof-top into a thriving green space and bountiful food source.



Sacred Earth Farms offers a comprehensive collection of products and services.

  • SACRED EARTH FOODSCAPE: Design, installation, and weekly maintenance of raised vegetable beds, medicinal and culinary herb gardens, and composting systems. Optional collaborative gardening and coaching sessions move you toward an autonomous self-sustaining foodscape.
  • STAR SEED NURSERY: Potted herb and vegetables seedlings propagated under the powerful influences of the moon and stars to produce robust and vibrant plant personalities for your garden. 
  • BOTANICA SEMATIA boutique collection of handmade salves, tinctures, oils, and balms that call upon our plant relatives to help us walk in beauty on the planet. Lovingly crafted with insights gleaned from meditation, intuitive wisdom, and traditional cultural practices that guide our communion with plantitas to appreciate, comprehend and unleash their inherent healing power. 
  • SANA-SANA PLANT WISDOM: A collection of workshops, presentations, and demonstrations that promote awareness, understanding and relationship with our plant relatives and plancestral knowledge.



Homestead RISA in June 2018

Homestead RISA in June 2017

Homestead RISA (Ranchito Infrastructure for Sustainable Autonomy) provides comprehensive project development features to complement your urban foodscape. 

 SACRED EARTH FARMS will work with you to build and maintain 3 essential elements for an organic urban farm homestead on your private residence, schoolyard or health clinic campus, public parkland, or restaurant patio. 

  • Chicken coop design and construction
  • Water harvesting system installation 
  • Bee-hive installation and management 



Irene Peña, Principal